Pre-order update: Divinity: Dragon Commander: The Imperial Edition

Divine Divinity for free and even more reasons to pre-order the upcoming innovative fantasy RTS!
Divinity: Dragon Commander is an upcoming multi-layered real-time strategy game with a fantastic setting, epic scale, and many original ideas making it a breath of fresh air in the genre, and it's currently available for pre-orders on, for $39.99. The game's release is currently planned for August 6, and if you pre-ordered it, plan to pre-order it, or are generally interested in great RTS games, we've got some important news for you!
Larian Studios, the game's creators, announced there will be two editions of the game available at the release. The version you'll be getting if you pre-order on before August 6 now becomes the extended Imperial Edition, which contains the game's additional launch content: a development documentary video, an extra campaign map, an additional golden skin for your Dragon Emperor, and the game's soundtrack. The pre-order period is your chance to grab the game and all of the additional content for just $39.99.
If you decide not to take the pre-order route and get the game after the release for $39.99, you'll still be able to upgrade your version with the aforementioned development documentary video, extra map, golden dragon skin, and game soundtrack via the additional $9.99 "Imperial Edition Upgrade". Yes, this basically means that early adopters receive $9.99 worth of content with their pre-ordered copy, free of charge, thus becoming the owners of the most robust version of the game available on launch day.
The other thing Larian Studios is offering to pre-ordering customers is a complimentary free copy of their classic Divine Divinity action-RPG. This will be a copy, mind you, so the free game itself also comes with tons of valueble bonus content (and don't forget about the first free game you got out of this deal: Master of Magic!). This gift from Larian is meant to make up for the fact, that due to technical reasons the developer can't offer early beta access to buyers.
Bottom line: Pre-order Divinity: Dragon Commander on for $39.99 before August 6, to get the exclusive Imperial Edition of the game + free Divine Divinity & Master of Magic!
Now, just to keep things transparent, a post-bottom line. This announcement might made some of our veteran users raise their eyebrows once or twice, and we feel it is important to address the fact that we're taking a new route with this release. First of all, this is the first time on that a single game will be simultanously available in two different versions, one of them standard and the other one with addtional content. We believe this gives more freedom of choice to our users, and increasingly, this is where a lot of newer titles are going: selling additional content like soundtracks and so on at a premium. It's important to note that GOG won't be doing this with our classic releases, as the policy for those always has been and will be to make every release as complete, comprehensive, and filled with free bonus content as possible. For new titles we would like to offer both the gamers and the developer more flexibility to make their mutual deals the way they want to. Furthermore, as time progresses and new releases become a de facto part of our back-catalog, we'll be trying to re-negotiate our deals to include soundtracks and more bonus content with those as well.
We hope this answers most of your questions regarding the new solutions we're testing here. Our recent user survey allows us to remain optimistic about your feedback. If you have any questions regarding these new steps we're taking or the (highly recommended!) Divinity: Dragon Commander pre-order offer, we encourage you to ask them in the forums.