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Detailed Bug Descriptions
Short Bug Descriptions
Old Entries (Bugs that have been fixed)

Whether a bug is in the detailed list or in the short list depends entirely on the amount of information available, it's not an indication of the bug's severity or urgency.

I thought it might be useful to create a list of known issues in the most recent version of the Witcher, as a reference for both devs and other users. If you'd like to help, please post information about bugs that need to be added. Here's a default form for copy-paste:

Short, descriptive title
Problem: Short, clear description of the problem.
Procedure: if possible, provide step-by-step instructions on how to reproduce your issue.
Workaround: Link or short instructions if there is a workaround.
Savegame: if possible, upload a savegame that includes the issue and provide a download link. Alternatively, enter you name if a savegame may be requested from you via pm.
Thread: links to threads with more detailed information about the problems.
Status: Has a fix been announced? Does the issue prevail after the most recent patch?

Especially for things like crashes/freezes or graphical corruptions, please make sure those occur for other people, too - it might be a problem of your system configuration rather than a bug of the game. Please also try to reboot, reinstall the game, and reinstall the latest video card drivers. This thread is only for bugs (e.g. lack of 4:3 resolution is not a bug, but a specification of the game). I might create another one for feature requests later.

Known Bugs in The Witcher 2

Dragon's Dream Bomb has no Effect
Problem: When igniting the gas from a Dragon's Dream bomb, the explosion neither damages nor incinerates enemies.
Procedure: Throw one or two Dragon's Dream bombs at a group of enemies, then ignite them using Igni. Notice only one enemy takes damage (from being hit by the Igni sign).

Last Bomb used has no Effect
Problem: Last bomb used has no effect. Very problematic in arena as bombs are expensive.
Procedure: Start a new game, equip and use your samum bombs until you have 1 left and then use the last one on a group of enemies. Notice that all recieve 0 damage and never get stunned.

Critical Effects don't work for Poisoned Harpy Claw / Sting
Problem: Poisoned harpy claw and sting throwing daggers never inflict their critical effects.
Procedure: Play arena, purchase some and use on enemies that can be poisoned/freezed.

Input not being recognized
Problem: Under certain circumstances, the game stops to recognize input. For some users, only specific buttons are affected, while others can hardly do more than moving the camera. Some users have reported that pressing the R key to use quick slot items often triggers the bug, and being hit by enemies often fixes it.
Threads: (includes video)
Status: Still occurs in 1.2, no fix announced yet.

Instability, Crashes to Desktop
Problem: The game suffers from stability issues. Crashes to desktop seem to be the most common problem. For some users, crashes only occur at screen transitions or loading screens, while others also encounter crashes during gameplay (e.g. while just walking around). Frequency varies a lot, from crashes every couple of hours to crashes every few minutes. Some users report crashes occuring considerably more frequently after updating to 1.1.
For some users, crashes to desktop occur when trying to save the game in version 1.2.
Status: Crashes still occur in all versions up to 1.35.

Meditation permanently disabled after releasing curse from Henselt
Problem: After a certain point in the game (releasing the curse from Henselt and being told to go to his tent), entering meditation mode does not work anymore. The message "action cannot be performed here" is displayed everywhere, including places where meditation is supposed to be possible or where meditation was possible before releasing the curse.
Thread: Status: Still occurs in 1.2.

Sound gone after visiting Loredo's House
Problem: Entering Loredo's house causes sound effects and audio speech to be permanently disabled, while music and ambient sounds continue to play. Problem has been reported by at least four users, always at exactly the same location in the game. It doesn't seem to occur at other locations. For some users, the bug really is permanent, it can neither be reverted by loading another save, nor by restarting the game or restarting the PC.
Workaround: Leave and re-enter the area, save and reload or restart the game. If the bug turns out to be permanent, continue playing with subtitles until you've left Loredo's house, save, then uninstall and reinstall the game.
Status: Still occurs in 1.2.

Circle of Vigor grants incorrect Bonus
Problem: Instead of granting some vigor-related bonus, Circles of Vigor give exactly the same bonus as Circles of Life (+2 vitality regen, +1 Vitality regen. during combat). If a circle of vigor and a circle of life are active at the same time, the bonuses won't stack.
Procedure: In chapter 1, Circles of Vigor can be found en-route to the troll, at Vyeopatis' shrine and in the buffer zone at Flotsam's south gate.
Status: Occurs in 1.2.

Unexpected Behavior in Unarmed Combat
Problem: Regardless of armor, Geralt takes considerably more damage from enemy attacks when fighting with his bare fists than when using weapons. Furthermore, he can't dodge attacks by rolling, which works in all other variations of combat, and he can't perform any finishing moves. Is this intended?
Procedure: Have Geralt take hits from the same enemy with bare fists and with sword in hand, compare damage values in combat log.
Screenshots: Screenshots of the described test have been provided in this post.

Other Threads that contain lists of Bugs
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Threads that contain Feature Requests
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Post edited November 03, 2011 by Kibou
I am having random crashes to desktop. i had them in 1.0, still have them in 1.1 i got couple of friends whose game ctd too.

and when i mean random, it really is. during fights, trade screens, etc.
Post edited May 29, 2011 by Corax
2 very little ones:

- Roche's path, having killed Henelt and going with Roche to save Foltest's kid:
Roche tells a line to the kid, with silly voice, and is looking to Geralt, it looks ridiculos, the line is 'I'm one of your father's soldiers blah blah'

- Act 2, the ravines, the water pools there, there are no water ripples when Geralt steps on them
I can confirm what Corax said. W2 still crashes to deskop even patched to 1.1 version. I have all latest drivers etc tested my rig with many stability test and running with 3GB switch.
Nothing descriped helped me.
For me version 1.0 is more stable...

I descriped my case here so I won't repeat myself.
Post edited May 30, 2011 by Elvenus
Problem: No kick button to get rid of road blocking NPC's ;]
Seriously now. I've read it happened to someone in mines Act2 when 3 dwarves blocked him in a corner. He had to load last save.
For me it happened in Binduga, there is little yard next to some cottage, i've came there and two curious children blocked my way out. For few minutes i was struggling to get out, swinging swors, casting signs and yelling at them through the monitor ;] And finally after a while of doing nothing with swords hidden they went somewhere else, releasing me from captivity ;]
Crafted items (like Samum bombs) are not listed on the inventory : \.
I have a wierd effect on the edges of the shadows, no mater where they are projected, it looks like tiny lines.
Also sometimes dissapear the text inside the circle in the dice game, the buttons are active but dont show any text.
Post edited May 30, 2011 by nesmoth
got 2 graphical glitches: When Roche's boat gets moved to the harbour towards the end of act 1, the outline/ripples remain at it's old location

I don't think this is strictly reproducible, but:
Look at the second shelf down. there is an NPC inside the bookcase. This was inside Roche's headquarters in Flotsam.

And this isn't a bug, but it is a continuity error that, imo, the devs should address.

Allright, when you confront Letho with Iorveth there are, as near as i can figure, (someone correct me if I'm wrong) 4 basic ways things can play out. 2 of them start with you elbowing Iorveth in the gut, at which point he is arrested an put on the prison barge. The other 2 involve you giving him his sword and he kills the soldiers. After either one, you still have the option of siding with either Roche or Iorveth.

We'll cover Iorveth first since I have both of those completed, and it is the biggest discrepency. If you give him his sword, he fights the soldiers and Roche runs off. You and Iorveth decide to capture the prison barge to sail to Vergen. Iorveth tells you at some point that after the the Letho fight, he encountered Roche in the woods, and they dueled. This fits perfectly well, it makes perfect sense for Iorveth to have found Roche in the forst later, as Roche was running away like a coward. :-P HOWEVER, if you elbowed Iorveth, and then opted to free him from the prison barge, he STILL TELLS YOU HE AND ROCHE DUELED. This is IMPOSSIBLE. He never left the damn boat. He gets captured, is hauled off bound, and stuck on the barge. There was no opportunity whatsoever for him and Roche to encounter eachother as depicted. In fact, Roche's boat sails off before you ever free Iorveth.

If you side with Roche after elbowing Iorveth, he is again captured and put on the barge. He is then not really mentioned again at all, as Roche instead has plans for Loredo. No mention is made of the Scoia'tael freeing him, or anything. But Roche still tells you of a duel with Iorveth. Again, it's impossible, Iorveth is locked away on the barge. It's conceivable that the squirrels successfully freed Iorveth without anyone hearing of it, but rather doubtful.

I never tried siding with Roche the time I gave Iorveth his sword back, but logically they should have had a shot at duel, since Iorveth is free.

I realize having them duel is kinda satisfying, but if it's impossible, it's impossible and ought to be cut. If they dueled before the fight with Letho, why did neither one mention it earlier? It could have been phrased in a vague sort of way so that the victor wasn't apparent until later. like Roche/Iorveth telling Geralt he had a run in with the other one earlier, he'll fill in the details later, immediately after the Letho duel.
Post edited May 30, 2011 by Raye
Can't talk to NPCs

Complete removal of registry keys and all game files and reinstallation sometimes fixes it temporarily, but sometimes it does not, even if you start a new game and not a saved game, and it always comes back eventually.

I've seen two others on the forums with this problem. I've put in a support request on the official website, but if you've got the same problem it would probably help them to see different machines and setups with the same problem.
When throwing a bomb you loose control over your character till some mob hits you. Moreover, when you have no control with Quen on you are untouchable till the Quen effect is over. It happens to me once per 10 bombs I throw ><
Short Bug Descriptions

General Bugs
- Act 2, the ravines: there are no water ripples when Geralt steps on the water pools
- Player might get trapped in a dead end by NPCs blocking the path (e.g. curious kids)
- When Roche's boat gets moved to the harbour towards the end of act 1, it's ripples in the water remain (see screenshot)
- NPCs sometimes walk into the furniture (see screenshot)
- Glitch in hospital ruins after finishing Claws of Madness and fighting Letho allows Geralt to walk on air (see video)
- Damage caused by throwing daggers does not appear in the combat log

Story-related Bugs

- When playing with a gamepad, doing the armwrestling minigame first will break the dice poker minigame: The player is able to throw the first round of dice and to select which die to keep, but after that the buttons stop working and the minigame can't be finished.
- During the last memory Foltest asks Geralt if it's possible to tame a Dragon. Geralt is supposed to answer "Not as far as I know" but he actually says something different (something like "people like him...". The subtitles still show up correctly though.

Act 2
- On Iorveth's path in act 2, if you complete the labyrinthian combination of royal blood, the walls have ears, and suspect: thorak successfully (meaning, you got a green check next to each of them during act 2), the latter two (walls have ears and suspect: thorak) are flagged as failed at the beginning of act 3 (red x next to them in the journal).

Act 3
- Sometimes Nilfguardian soldier's AI is broken, they will just stand there and ignore the player, even if they are attacked. This is likely to occur in the sewers, just before you have to decide whether to save Triss or take Phillipa (check this video).
Post edited November 21, 2011 by Kibou
I can also confirm crashes still take place after patch 1.1
Actually crashes were worse/more often after 1.1 installed. I've reverted back to 1.0 and it works much better for me (crashes every 2-3 hours).

When it quits it's always when new map/menu is being loaded - looks like something with memory management. I'm running some perfmon counters, may have something to report back when I check reports.

Another Problem:

Dialogue/sounds completely disappearing, while music is still playing.
Problem: When you go to Loredo's house suddenly everything except for music and some environmental sounds is gone. Dialogues as well as SFX sounds are not there anymore. I already know of three people that had the same issue in exact same place - I believe it's Loredo's house/location that is causing the problem

After this happens there is nothing to revert it back - old saves also load with no sounds. Restarting game/PC doesn't make a difference - all other games/music apps/media players work fine.

Solution: Uninstall and re-install the game. BUT BEFORE you do that continue playing with subtitles until you leave Loredo's House. If you reinstall and load save game at Loredo's House it will happen again - it certainly did for me. I've played until I've left his house/location and was just about to get on a boat. Re-installed again and new save loaded fine. Haven't seen the same problem since.

After patch 1.1 I also had a weird problem with

Game suddenly becoming very slow and sound being distorted.
Problem: Game suddenly becoming very slow and sound being distorted.
Solution: Bringing up menu and closing it down again fixed the problem.

After re-install I haven't installed patch 1.1 again and I've never seen it again.

I'm definitely looking forward to patch 1.2 and I'm hoping this time it will actually fix things (not brake things like GamePad controls in patch 1.1!!). And I'm certainly not installing any new patch before it's confirmed to be working fine. Installing 1.1 was a waste of time.
Post edited May 30, 2011 by Ch3rub
@Ch3rub: Is there a thread about the bug with Loredo's house? Do you know whether the bug only occurs if you go to the house as part of a story sequence (with cutscenes, dialogue etc.), or if it will even occur if you just enter the house later? Do you know if you and the other guys having this problem have the same soundcard?

About the sound distortion bug: By becoming very slow, do you mean a drop in fps (stuttering), or does everything move like in slow-motion? Did you try reinstalling 1.1 from scratch?
New Nvidia drivers 275.33 WHQL are out. The game still crashes for me the same way it did before.
There was already another thread with bugs before somewhere...