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goopit: oh you have it too, CDPR should fix this right away it'd totally ruin peoples playthoughs on the Triss path.
lol. You have already finished the playthrough though. When you said farting heliotrope, I thought you meant the full blown hemisphere thingy.
A list of some bug a friend and I ran into while playing Witcher 2. Made a thread about it here as well.

Some bugs are already confirmed so they may be duplicates of what has already been posted.

1) Geralt will randomly sheath his weapon and refuse to take it out. This occurs at random times.

2) Children are very hard to select for conversation. You can only speak to children when running up to them from a certain angle, making the task of clicking them nearly impossible.

3) Red dots on the mini map remain after enemies are killed.

4) Sometimes it becomes impossible to pick up loot, no matter what angle you approach. This occurs at random times and to random loot.

5) Items become highlighted by using the Witcher's medallion, but remain unsearchable. This does not include items out of reach; this has to do with items that are right next to Geralt.

6) When using the Swordmanship group finisher, live actions still take place. For instance, while Geralt is shown killing three enemies, he is simultaneously taking damage from other enemies that are not shown. Thus, when the finisher cinematic is done playing, Geralt dies.

7) During the Kayran boss fight Geralt will not attack the tentacles for no apparent reason. Right and Left mouse clicks do not register an attack. This occurs randomly.

8) The book Temerian Royal Dynasty claims Geralt killed Adda when trying to remove the curse from her. However, this is incorrect if a player loads a Witcher 1 save, where Adda is freed from the curse without dying.

9) Flares will bounce through walls.

10) When fighting in the mist (during the entrance into Chapter 2) stunning and killing the draugir can result in Geralt’s death. The problem is the cut scene finisher takes place outside of the protective bubble. Thus, Geralt takes damage while killing the draugir.

11) Gynvael Aedd is supposed to increase damage done to all necrophages by 1004%. The weapon does not increase damage done to nechrophages.

12) Cut scene kill sequences will sometimes take place indoors when Geralt is outdoors.

13) Melitele’s Heart Quest: When protecting Anezka if the wraiths get to close to her she will stop casting her spell and wraiths will spawn infinitely.

14) After the love scene in the elven ruins Geralt will have all of his gear unequipped.

15) Don’t know if this is a bug, but Newboy’s Medallion only seems to grant Geralt +10 Vitality outside of combat. Maybe that is working as intended though.

16) Used trap seems to register as being “taller” than they appear. Throwing a dagger over a location where a used trap is will stops your dagger from reaching its intended destination.

17) More of a suggestion that an bug: Subterranean Life Quest: The dwarves that accompany you into the mine could stand to be more responsive in getting out of Geralt’s way. Being charged by a Bullvore and having a wall of dwarves block your way is never fun.

18) The Talent Catalysis which on the first rank grants: Effects of all potions taken +15% Negative effects of all potions taken -30% seems to not work properly. Many potions including Rook, Thunderbolt etc, all seem to be incorrectly affected by this talent. Unless the math for this game is done in a way I do not understand. The same is true for rank 2.

19) The quest Lost Lambs cannot be completed because Zyvik disappears from the camp. Also, if you track the quest to find Zyvik, the marker on the map is on the other side of fog.

20) The very first flashback scene in the game seems to have sound problems. The sound is very choppy, but the video will continue to play.

21) After speaking to Roche in the elven ruins, right after sexy time with Triss, Geralt is teleported past the area where you fight the Karyan. You find yourself in a lake and are not able to move. Here are some screen shots. [Geralt's Marker on the map]
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@Akhotnik: I've already included a link to your thread. Unfortunately, I can't just copy-paste everything, since the maximum length of a single post is limited. Maybe I'll later re-organize it to use different posts and links (like vAddicatedGamer suggested earlier).
Game patch 1.3 introduces their own bulk alchemy but it has a major bug in it when the same ingredient is used in a recipe multiple times. They don't check element ratios, so the amount controller will sometimes offer to craft twice as many items as you have ingredients for. Look at the thunderbolt potion where you need 2x Quebrith. You'll get an error popup, but that's probably not all since when I modded bulk alchemy myself I determined that it's wasting ingredients when that happens (although I don't know yet if that's been changed either: EDIT - it hasn't and now it's even worse since you'll easily waste all your other ingredients in the formula).

From what I can tell, thunderbolt is the only potion that needs 2x the same element, but still.
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Probably something minor, but I guess no harm anyway (well, might actually be a good thing) especially if you're aiming for consistency.

Issue: All DLC items reset between each part of prologue.
Procedure: A few things you can do
a) Add some enhancements to your Blue Stripes jacket. When you move to another part, you'll find your Blue Stripes jacket to be un-enhanced.
b) Use a few whetstones. When you move to another part, you'll find that you still have all 10.
c) Take off your magical trousers and discard it. When you move to another part, you'll be wearing the same magical trousers again.
Workaround: Don't think we need this heh.
Status: Still seen in 1.3
vAddicatedGamer: Probably something minor, but I guess no harm anyway (well, might actually be a good thing) especially if you're aiming for consistency.
This applies to all items, though. I think they have done it on purpose, so that you always have the basic traps and bombs restored when you begin a new part of the Prologue. I agree it's a bit annoying with the DLC/import items, though - that's why I removed those files altogether, and added them as optional purchases form the Mysterious Merchant instead. Anyway, doesn't matter... but I think your inventory is supposed to reset, since it's the beginning of the game and all. I wonder if they can script it to be more selective on which items are restored or not, however.
agga11: After installing patch 1.2 i can no longer select any languages using the "Text Language" drop down box in the options menu. Resulting in all the text to display incorrectly and you can't engage in conversations making the game completely unplayable.

No languages in the drop down box o.O!?
vAddicatedGamer: Weird, never seen anyone have this problem before. Can you check if you have "en0.w2strings" under The Witcher 2 -> CookedPC folder? If you don't have it, perhaps you can try it with mine here:
I fixed the problem, i simple re-install did the trick :D
vAddicatedGamer: Issue: All DLC items reset between each part of prologue.
c) Take off your magical trousers and discard it. When you move to another part, you'll be wearing the same magical trousers again.
Workaround: Don't think we need this heh.
Status: Still seen in 1.3
yep, reported it too, and CDP responded that they'll look into it
my full report mentioned here too:
There seems to be a bug with the Catalysis ability.

Supposedly you would get -30% negative side effects of potions at level 1, and -80% at level 2.

However using the potion that gives you +1 sign intensity and -50% health, at level 1 catalysis I get -45% health and at level 2 -39%. I'm pretty sure that's a bug? I didn't try with other potions yet.
I'm not sure what bug causes it, but even with Patch 1.3 the game always randomly crashes to desktop after a couple of hours of gameplay.

I understand this is some sort of memory bug, and I'm unhappy that CDP still haven't gotten around to fixing it. It happens on both my desktop and my gaming laptop, both with different high-end systems, so I'm guessing this may be more common than it seems.
I'm getting random crashes to the desktop screen. also I've just reached loc muinne and when I try and play dice with someone it crashes, what happens i ask to play against someone and put my bid in then the character does his bid and then it just stays on that screen and I cant get off of it (only by doing Ctrl - alt - delete) but the music is still playing and everything. its stopping me from playing that chapter as I want to complete the dice quest but it crashes every time.

I'm using an ATI 5870 1GB latest drivers 11.7 the game is patched to 1.3. I have the boxed version of the game.

other stuff that happened during act 2 some time the local maps would dissapear, say if you were in a dungeon all it would show you is the main map and the mini map would be totally blank with just the arrow of you moving about.

another which i thought was funny was when talking to certain people in camps by a fire geralt would stand in the fire and be on fire as he talked to them lol.

also have the problem of geralt not moving during combat sometimes and when I want to change sword i have to press the button half a dozen times to change it, I also don't like the wait after combat until you can pick up things up. that slight delay until the battle music stops is aggravating. also there should be an option of what loot you want to pick up especially if there is a whole bunch of it and makes you encumbered.
Attempting to launch the Manual from the Launcher results in an error.

Windows 7 x64
Game Version v1.3

Trying to launch the manual from the launcher results in the error: "There has been a problem starting your default pdf reader".

In this case, my default pdf reader is Adobe Reader X (latest stable version; v10.1.0).
I do not know if this has been posted before but I just want to report: patching to 1.3 DID NOT fix the bug where the visual effect of the berserker mode wouldn't wear off.
Just as on the launch when I activated the berserker mode, after it wears out the annoying screen blurring and the green lines near the edges of the screen remain until I reload from a last save or load a new map. This is extremely annoying, so I hope it will be fixed in the next patch.
Looking through the list I didn't notice a mention of a bug I experience in Act on Roche's path.

Spoilers: In the cutscene where the assassin attacks Henselt, there are 2 different Henselts in the scene.

The Henselt model without the crown (and with a bandage on his head) and the one with the crown. The other one is just normally where he should be in the cutscene while the other one just walks back and forth in the tent.

A very odd bug. And I played the game with the patch 1.3 installed.
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eskiMoe's post just reminded me of another model bug I noticed.

At the end of Act 3, Iorveth's path, after you get the dagger and go to the council, Geralt says "Our queen left to powder her nose," implying that Saskia left the meeting. Yet you see her standing around in the next scene. It's a minor bug, but it wouldn't hurt to have it fixed.

(this is with patch 1.3)
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