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Banned because apes must not be loved, or there would be a hairy future for us all.
^ banned, because familiarity breeds contempt, but you cannot breed anything without some familiarity
Banned for being too creepy for the Breeder's League, which is a high bar. (This is an abridged series reference.)
Banned for being too big to live among the LEGO citizens, and too small to live alongside transformers.
Banned for hanging around with transformers. It's dangerous. You might disrupt the neighborhood's electricity supply.
Banned because touche.
HeresMyAccount: Banned because what would that have to do with "roy"?
Banned because some people apparently misremember Ray Finkle's first name to be Roy.
Banned for banning HMA instead of me!
Banned because the title of this thread is "[Forum game] Why the person above you should be banned", not "[Forum game] Why the person directly above you should be banned". You ended up banned anyway, so it all worked out in the end.
^ banned for not having banned Vulchor, the original poster of this topic, for starting this whole mess in the first place
Banned because it's Friday and I feel like it.
Banned for feeling like Friday.
Banned for being a vampire! We don't want those here!!!!!!!
Banned because every time I open the popup window to type a reply, for some reason it shows a rectangular portion of my desktop over the main browser window for a second before the reply window appears, and it's weird!
Banned because your computer sucks.