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Banned for naming your vessel "The Vessel".
Banned because it's still better than naming your car "Jaguar". I mean, it's a car, not an animal.
Banned because I actually named it after the aircraft.
Post edited January 22, 2022 by Mortius1
Banned because I suspect that you're wearing the blue cloak that was missing from the famous clothes shop several days ago. The shop's owner has asked for the help of the Banning Knights to find the person who burgled his shop. Now, please come with me.
Banned and arrested for impersonating a police officer.
Banned for supporting Mortius1 just because the two of you belong to the same Felidae family.
Banned for tracking people's genetic information.
^ banned, because you were created by Oscar Mayer
Banned for being such a wiener.
Banned for never even visiting Wien.
Banned because that would be très Wien.
Banned for glowing in the dark.
banned for darkening the glow
Banned for glowing with a black light.
banned for black-lighting posters