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Banned for Boxer Rebellion
Banned for hipster rebellion.
Banned because I think it'd be better if you could turn off all the lights on your head during the day.

MovingArtillery: Banned because that aside, I'm curious what would finkleroy's correct full name be if that username of his was actually two names combined with no space to separate them. Would it be Fink Leroy, or Finkle Roy? I'm leaning towards the former though.
finkleroy: Banned because my name just came from this.
Banned for making me feel disappointed at myself for choosing the wrong answer.
Banned because most people assume it's a reference to Ace Ventura and yell, "Einhorn is Finkle! Finkle is Einhorn!" at me.
Post edited January 20, 2022 by finkleroy
Banned because what would that have to do with "roy"?
Banned for asking that question to the wrong person.
Banned for not moving HMA to the right person.
^ banned for not knowing that HeresMyAccount is an immovable object
^ Banned, Hooyaah, or should i say ... Alexander Lukashenko!?!?! *forcefully pulls on Hooyaah's beard*
Post edited January 20, 2022 by InSaintMonoxide
Banned because Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra!
Banned for only offering cheap wine as a gift to your fellow forum users!
Banned for being a third rate commenter with a fourth rate comment.
Banned for rating things and people thirdly and fourthly.
banned for counting on your counting skills
Banned for hating apes and censoring yourself for doing so.