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Banned for vampire-shaming.
Banned because vampires should be ashamed! Very very ashamed! Yes! ...*secretly hides stolen bags of donor blood under table* ... Shame on vampires!
Banned for biting your lip, punching a hole...
Banned for not finishing your sentence and instead punching a hole in the wall, and then...
^ You should be banned for not finishing your pregnant sentence. It must be "expecting," as it had no period.
^ Banned for obnoxiously well thought out wordplay.
Banned for complimenting him while insulting him, and thus confusing him.
^ banned for believing (erroneously) that I was either insulted or subsequently confused
^ Banned for an obnoxiously eloquent choice of words.
Banned for calling him obnoxious yet again, and he's banned for not realizing that obnoxious is an insulting word.
Banned for obnoxicity.
Currently banned from ElectriCity.
^ banned for wearing a veritable planetarium on your cranium
Banned for wearing Santa's wig and beard to slay orcs.
Banned for not recognizing Santa when you see him.