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Banned to a fantasy world which has a map in my "Worlds" folder, and lets pretend you get an hour to look through the folder to chose.
Banned for pretending rather than actually letting people look in the folder.
Banned for self-promotion and for claiming to have an account without solid proof.
Banned for claiming to have an account with Solid Snake.
Banned for banning a new user as that's being inhospitable.
Banned for granting privilege.
Banned for having the privilege to give government grants with squirrels in my pants.
Banned for unzipping your pants in a crowded diner to let the squirrels out.
Banned because the squirrels were starving. If J Lo had waited for another minute, whatever lies underneath his pants might've become the squirrels' food.
Banned for bringing the squirrels to the diner in the first place, as if your Mom who works there would ever let you keep them.
Banned because my mom works at a bank.
Banned for providing too much info about your mom.
Banned for causing a power-outage with your dietary habits.
Banned because electricity is filled with vitamin C.
Banned because Trevor Moore died, and I'm very sad.