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Banned because I'm envious of your pups.
Banned for planning to kidnap Hooyaah's dogs and take them on your pirate ship.
Post edited June 21, 2021 by morolf
Banned for pirating his ship by downloading it illegally.
Banned fer eyin' me treasure. Arrrgghhh!
banned because he kicked your booty on the way out
Banned because the booty's on the other foot...
Banned, because that made me think of some morbidly obese woman falling on my foot and breaking it, a most unpleasant thought.
banned for not keeping your distance from morbidly obese women in the first place
Banned for expecting the impossible.
banned for allowing yourself to be surrounded by an army of morbidly obese women
Banned because size is everything, apparently...
Banned, because your comment could trigger male users with anxiety about their genital endowment (not that I would have such a problem). And you didn't even post a trigger warning!
Banned for having poor reflexes.
Banned for tying morolf up, smacking him around, then telling him he has poor reflexes. Not cool.
banned for not interceding and rescuing Morolf before he took a beating... that, an your size issue as well