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banned for not banning him in the "baseless allegation" thread to balance things out
Banned for trying to keep things balanced. Life is like a teeter-totter!

J Lo: Banned because GG WP.
Banned because WWGGD?
^ banned for teeter-tottering on the fulcrum that is life
Banned for microwaving your bacon.
Banned for not providing any eggs, sausages, tomatoes and a nice cup of coffee with that bacon...
Banned for wanting coffee, it smells a tenth as bad as smoking.
banned for having defective olfactory senses
Banned, because as a wizard you could just have transformed MichaelD's nose into a pig's snout, so he could smell better. It's unfair to ban him, when you could have helped him.
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You're both banned for not recognizing that my intense hatred of foul stenches is because my sense of smell is very powerful, to the point that I instantly know the scent of anything I touch even with an outstretched foot and nose held closed.
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Banned for overcompensating, Bergerac.
Banned for calling me by a name I haven't heard in...ever. (Also, that was legit. My most recent best dog Lucky, as a puppy, would lick my feet and his breath would be felt in my nose less than a microsecond later.)
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banned for giving your dog "foot breath"
Banned because honestly, it'd be an improvement; puppy-breath will knock you OUT.
Banned for being a weakling, puppy breath is nothing compared to komodo breath!
Banned because I said it would knock Hooyaah out, not myself.