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Banned for whatever that woman is doing in your avatar, I'm sure it's really kinky.
Banned because it's called smiling and it's not kinky.
Banned for whatever she's smiling about.
Banned for participating in the Smiley Face Murders
Banned for being Red John.
Banned because your wife is getting a massage from John Redcorn.
Banned for not getting over Lenore.
Banned for Layin' Up With Linda.
Banned for posting music from the man who invented the poop punk stage movement.
Banned for exposing me to the most cursed term in all of music.
Banned for not being a fan of GG Allin!!!
Banned because GG WP.
Banned because I thought this is a single-player forum game.
Banned, because if you don't like multiplayer games, you're probably an antisocial loner who's plotting something nefarious against our community.
Banned because this is not the right place to make baseless allegations.