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Banned because I hope there is a proctologist named Doctor Proctor.
Banned because I hope Doctor Proctor's vanity license plate says "ASSMAN".
Banned for not using the correct term for "ass" which should be donkey. Finkleroy, it is time to move on from using that ancient term and the new modern one, "donkey".
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Banned because it's going to take donkey years for me to ban the next person.
Banned because I am the next person!
Banned for being at the front of the line.
Banned for banning a frontliner.
Banned for not considering bottom lines, out of bounds, out fielders, short stops, and corner hacks.
Banned because the person le_chevalier referred to as a frontliner wasn't any of the things you mentioned.
Banned for being an outlier instead of a frontliner.
banned cause you're looking out for confrontation, while standing in front of the frontline
^ banned for being an outsider who stays inside

J Lo: Banned because I hope there is a proctologist named Doctor Proctor.
banned for not appreciating that there is a proctologist by the name of Seymour Butts
Banned for discouraging users from confronting their problems.

Banned because I got ninja'd.
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Banned, because Sho Kosugi is the only person who can ninja people.
Banned for being an extra terrestrial alien wearing a mission impossible style human face mask.