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Banned because Halloween comes earlier each year.
banned for wearing the same racoon costume every year on haloween
Banned because this year I'll be dressed as a red panda.
Banned for pandering.
Banned because he wants people to suffer instead of enjoying J Lo's amazing red velvet panda costume
banned for being in the reds with your red velvet store
Banned for waving your red matador cape in front of a bull, in spite of the fact they are colour blind.
Banned for assuming bulls' color impairment.
banned for trying to see through a bullseye, especially when an arrow is protruding from it
banned for being too competitive in a casual game of archery
Banned for playing archery when everyone is playing chess.
Banned for demanding a ridiculous request that chess be modified to replace all the pawns with archer pieces.
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Banned for getting yourself surrounded by zombies when a giant dragon is climbing the castle wall to meet you.
Banned because it's a white dragon with blue eyes, accompanied by a dark magician.
banned because your sunglasses keep you from seeing that it is actually a yellow dragon with green eyes and a gray magician