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Banned because there's no dragon or castle, and you're not a wizard, just a guy experiencing an intense psilocybin trip.
banned for slipping me a Mickey Finn
Banned for drinking, and what's worse, enjoying, Slurm.
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Banned for going to the slums to get a case of Slurm.
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banned for joining a slumber party in the slums and not bringng any slurm to the party
banned for marketing a new version of SLURM with alcohol
Banned for drinking from the slurm river and then falling in.
Banned for conducting a slumber party massacre
banned for serving Slurm punch in the jungle
Banned for not serving or bringing anything to the party
banned for not "feeling froggy"
Banned because I feel foggy.
Banned, because you've been spending too much time on the Moon, which barely has some atmosphere.
Banned for forgetting the fact that it was you who exiled ladyonthemoon to the moon.
Banned for never having seen an original showing of A Trip to the Moon (Le Voyage dans la Lune).