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Banned for banning for a good reason.
Banned for banning good raisins.
Banned for thinking resin tastes good.
Banned for eating Kellog's Resin Bran.
low rated
Banned for trying to feed resinee's pieces to all the GOG bears
Banned for raising the question whether a person can truly be free.
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Banned because everyone is free to do what I tell them to.
Banned because you're not free to tell them whatever you want.
Banned for not free falling for science.
fbcfbfgc: xxx
banned for spamming
low rated
Banned for replacing the spam with XXX rated material ;)
Banned because that is the Internet's one and only purpose...aside from banning and getting banned.
J Lo: ...aside from banning and getting banned.
banned for disclosing the circle of life
Banned for Simba and Mufasa.
Banned for trying to squeeze an elephant in a dog house.
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