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I banned Hooyaah, just like I'll ban you!
banned cause you got injured in an attempt to hit rock bottom
Banned for being at the bottom of the barrel of 12 monkeys.
low rated
Banned for not helping Bruce Willis save Bruce Willis in 12 Monkeys
Banned because I want to live free and die hard.
Banned for spending too much time on Resident Evil Village.
Banned for calling the game Resident Evil Village instead of Resident Evil 8 Village so people know what edition of the game it is.
Banned for misspelling rabbit.
Banned for banning someone on an inconsistent reason.
Banned for banning someone on each different lunar phase.
Banned for being lunatic
Banned because sanity is overrated anyway.
Banned for spreading the words of wisdom.
banned cause you screwed yourself while using a screwdriver
Banned for screwing me over with a box of cheap screwdrivers and then driving away.
Post edited May 18, 2021 by Krooked_