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Banned for trying to squeeze yourself into a small box and then electrocuting yourself.
Banned for on-the-small-clock small talks at small glock-point on small walks across small docks over small rocks about hiding small jocks with small socks on their small cocks from small flocks of small hawks carrying smallpox in small Doc Ock's small box made of small blocks with small locks.
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Banned for being a maker of elaborate doll furniture and accessories.
Banned for furniture doll make accesoriser.
Banned for installing spy cams in the dollhouse.
low rated
Banned for installing bird cams in the outhouse
banned cause you forgot to install squirrel cams in the outhouse
Banned for training spy squirrels in the outhouse.
Banned because I don't need squirrels to watch you. Every step you take, every move you make, I'll be banning you.
banned for obsessive observation obsession
Banned for having an disorder where you obsess about compulsions.
Banned for lack of compassion about compulsions
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Banned for computing with compassion.
banned for computing without compression
Banned because where the hell is Hooyaah?