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Banned for making users fall asleep so our forum can be invaded by giant killer frogs.
Post edited April 23, 2021 by morolf
Banned for assuming height
banned for assuming depth before diving in... you could croak that way, ya know
Banned for thinking kites always summon lighting on the 13th of the month.
^ Banned, for thinking the lightning summoned by the sith should be red.
Banned for having read about lightning being summoned by the sith.
banned for lightening chocolate with vanilla
Banned for wanting to eat chocolate that's baked by lightning.
Banned for thinking that's how an electric oven works.
Banned for bashing other people's opinions and thoughts
^ banned for giving HeresMyAccount warts
Banned for burning the raspberry tarts.
Burned for blowing raspberries all over them.
Banned for stuffing a gremlin in a blender, my mother declares that not worth it at all!
^ banned for releasing mischievous gremlins into the widget factory