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Banned for not trying to break the cycle.
Banned for having unreasonable hopes.
^ Banned, for being pessimistic.
Banned for not finding a mystic to help solve the problem.
banned, because you could have requested such services yourself
Banned for thinking that it's alright to ask, and ye shall receive.
Banned, for hurting my feelings.
Banned for having feelings in the first place.
Banned, because I have a feeling that you must be an alien!
Banned for alienating ladyonthemoon.
Banned to prove a point, that censorship culture has developed out of proportions, serving only to extract satisfaction out of ostracizing perceived as threatening deviants, by an established majority residing in its preciously pasteurized echo chamber.
Post edited April 26, 2021 by FateIsOneEdge
banned for pontificating
banned for having such a big beard
Banned for having an electronic beard!
banned for running through the fora in your birthday suit