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Banned for posting too much in "user above/below/before you" threads xP
Post edited April 24, 2021 by real.geizterfahr
Banned for posting too little in "user above/below/before you" threads.
Banned for posting too little in "user beside/between/inside you" threads.
Banned for setting the space-speed record while entering a speed-limit bubble.
^ banned for blowing bubbles with limited speed
Banned for not blowing up bubbles with c-4.
Banned for encouraging the use of explosives.
Banned for ruining the celebrations of independence day, new year, etc by banning fireworks.
^ banned, for not living in Texas where you can purchase fireworks outside of cities and enjoy deploying them in the countryside around July, 4th, January 1st, and March 2nd (Texas Independence Day)
Banned for having your own fancy-schmancy Independence Day.
^ banned for incarcerating the Keebler Elves in a hollow tree sweat-shop and forcing them to produce delicious cookies
Banned for not joining me to free the Elves with a secret tunnel.
Banned for trying to create more history
banned, for not remembering more history, you are bound now to repeat it
Banned because history repeats itself anyway, we know that for sure.