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Banned for not telling us that the king, who was looking for his princess, might have finally found the princess. So he's stopped harassing us to do it for him and now is too busy with the princess.
Banned for he is the guy who above me for more then 4 times. >;--(
This thread is not about keeping count. This thread is about banning, not arithmetic, not for keeping score, or even tracking. You are, therefore, summarily BANNED!
Banned for not starting your sentence with the word "Banned".
Banned for not giving me the other half, now that you found it.
Banned because I need it.
Banned because we wants it.
Banned because nu uh!
Banned because yuh huh!
Banned because NU UH!!
Banned for acting your shoe size rather than your age.
Banned because you should've supported me.
Banned, because Finkleroy is not a support, but probably is a tank.
Banned because I like this game
Banned because we all like this game, thus why we play