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Banned for thinking the trees are the innocent ones here. It's the trees that are molesting people!
Banned for mentioning reverse dendrophilia.
Banned for not documenting the phenomenon, for study.
Banned, because you cannot condemn him before it is known for certain whether or not he did so and you do not
Banned for bulldozing dear Grandma's home.
Banned for waking Ferdinand, the dozing bull.
Banned for massaging your left temple.
Banned for 8 bit pixel art forum avatar.
Banned for not seeing things with both eyes wide open.
Banned for risking everyone and everything around you catching fire.
Banned for playing my mixtape.
Banned for creating said mixtape... it was of Justin Bieber.
Banned, because we're all Beliebers here, and if you say something against our idol we're going to tear you from limb to limb!
Banned because I disagree with you.
Banned, for being disagreeable