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I Ray Ban you to protect you from lightsaber radiation.
Banned, because your avatar is not Ray Ban Approved
Banned, because your beard needs policing.
Banned, because the Marines and the NSWC are not interchangeable
Banned, because your wizard staff is actually short. It's not fully visible in that close-up shot. You broke it in some incident and then you only carry the topmost piece around.
Banned for analyzing the shaft.
Banned for condemning one person's interest in another person's shaft. It's 2020 dammit. (Although it does feel a little 1920ish.)
Banned, because you shout have posted the date 1918... For, that was the time during which the world endured another deadly pandemic, the "Spanish flu."
Banned because the rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain.
Banned, for an obscure movie reference
Banned for making the other users who don't get the reference to feel somewhat guilty.
banned for white knighting for other users.
Banned for Kleptomania.
Banned, because property is theft and our Gog forum is now a commune.
Banned for improper tree hugging.