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Banned for being unaware of the existence of smart apex predators.
Banned for mentioning the existence of smart apex predators.
Banned and fed to the lions for disrespect of apex predators
Banned for assuming lions don't have a good taste.
Banner for eating lion meat
I ban you because lions deserve to go extinct for their infanticide and incest!
Post edited July 16, 2020 by MichaelD.965
Banned for some reason and served as a snack to the lions.
Banned for not mentioning the exact reason as to why the person above you should be banned.
Banned for sinking a buccaneer.
Banned for downing a bottle of rum without sharing.
Banned, for not sharing this 1.75 liter bottle of Vodka with me... okay I'll give you a second chance
Deal! I mean banned! Wait!
Banned for making deals.
Banned for trying to sell drugs to under-age forum users.
Banned for - I forgot why, no matter banned anyway...