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I ban you for forgetting!
Banned for immaterial banning.
Banned because that's exactly what we do here. Don't make me come over there and ban you for real!
I ban you for fake!
You had stolen the ban hammer... "which one," you say? This one.. BOOM! BANNED
You mistook the banhammer for a spoon, banned.
Banned for committing the same mistake as HeresMyAccount, which is not changing your forum title despite being an old user. Both of you even joined in the same year!
Banned for stealing Verlam's other half.
Banned, for secreting away the other half in the first place
Banned for not telling me where the other half of my friends went.
rhino.jpeg (96 Kb)
Banned for making his friends run away
Banned, because you should instead make your enemies run to you.
Banned, because a friend is not simply an enemy that you haven't made yet
Banned because, contrary to popular belief, I am the local, precious Star Chan. Guard the secret with your life.
Banned, because Smeagle has been looking for you, "precious"