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Banned, because you thought that we were kidding around... not in this thread, mister!
Banned for concerns involving that beard getting caught in an electric pencil sharpener.
Banned for stalking Hooyaah. The only ones who know that Hooyaah owns an electric pencil sharpener is his pet and himself.
Banned for not realizing the obvious: NessandSonic is Hooyaah's pet tiger!
Banned, for making a joke about my tiger being a big...
Banned for not finishing your sentence. Big... What?
Banned for not finishing his sentence for him
Banned for not serving his sentence for him.
Banned for trying to send an innocent man to prison.
Banned, for using the pandemic as an excuse to stay locked away and playing games all the time
Banned for starting the pandemic so that you could use it for that very excuse.
Banned for starting the pandemic, so you could frame Hooyaah for it and ban him from the forum...what a diabolical plot!
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Banned because a... aahhh... AAAHHH....CHOO! There's is no pandemic.
Hey, watch where you sneeze! *dodges* Banned!!!
Banned, because that dragons' fire might have roasted you with that sneeze, were she not so friendly and careful