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Banned for giving dragon's the corona virus.
Dragons cannot be infected by any corona virus, but only by komodo viruses.
This is common knowledge and you obviously want to propagate fake news. Thusly thou shalt be banned!!
Banned, for it is written and so shall it be
Banned, for reality is fluid
Banned, for fluid is reality.
Banned, because the reality of fluid is liquid
Banned, for spreading disgusting liquids in our forum...I don't even want to know what this could be.
Banned for bringing infectious komodos into a forum with dragons vulnerable to their viruses.
Post edited July 15, 2020 by MightyFloTheKing
Banned for libel, my beautiful komodo dragons don't have any viruses.
And judging by your avatar, aren't you the asshole king from Gothic who sent people to that hellish mining colony for minor thefts or just because you didn't like their opinions? What the hell were you thinking when you did that?
Banned to the mines, because I did nothing wrong.
Banned, because you just admitted to being a video game character, our forum is only for REAL humans.
Banned, for not posting something more interesting or humorous
Banned for requesting a post about an arm bone. I think I got some leftovers from the last group of halflings that visited (donated of course). Now where did I put my glasses...
I ban you because what kind of apex predator needs eye-wear, seriously!
Banned because apparently ZyloxDragon is one of those apex predators.