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Banned for always wanting free drinks and food from foreigners.
Banned for making a very good point!
Banned for I am Budge, Bury and Banner. -Judge Dread
Banned for not being Bruce.
Banned for not specifying Bruce who?
Banned, because there is nobody of notoriety named Bruce Who.
Banned for asking Bruce Wayne to present an ID.
Banned, because Bruce Wayne was a brutal vigilante (who dressed up in a ridiculous costume), and we don't want that here.
Banned because your user name reversed is florom and that is too similar to forum, the location in which we all post
Banned for your names backwards reminds me of the movie Goonies. HEY YOU GUYS!
Banned for sharing such a trivial information. Fortunately for you, I collect even the tiniest bits of information others see to be irrelevant.

EDIT: Banned for being a ninja!
Post edited September 22, 2019 by Vingry
Banned for collecting tiny bits of information and hoarding them along with old newspapers and empty bottles.
Banned because Google lives off those digital tracking scraps.
Banned for pointing out such an invasion of such "private" data. Come to think of it, Data was a Lt. Commander, not a private. Nevermind, as you were.
Banned because I'm jealous of Gomez Addams!