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Banned, because I'm only banning hate speech, so it's ok.
Banned for hating on speech.
Banned for being a noob. Gog is a place only for elite gamers.
Banned for being elite instead of 1337
Banned for using secret code, which only people do who have something to hide.
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Banned for refusing to suck on frozen wood frogs when you were feeling ill the last time. I had worked so hard to collect those frozen frogs from a far away land only to find them in a trash bin, you ingrate!
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Banned for being too verbose
Banned because I thought that Avatar reference was funny.
Banned for reminding me of that abomination Korra by bringing up that other good show Avatar.
Banned for watching cartoons
d3adb01t: Banned for watching cartoons
Banned for having a profile which gives a 404 error.
Banned for snooping. Tut! tut!.
Banned for being Snoop Dogg... or was it Snoopy the dog?
Banned because you reminded to me somebody i am very fond of, who particularly likes snoopy, as well as Disney cartoons... :'(

Will you cut it off with bloody animation? DAMN IT ALL

The lot of you, just stop it with those infernal things and change theme
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Banned because if I blindly hammer the ban button enough, I'll eventually be able to ban myself.