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Banned for trying to ban him/herself.
Banned for ban interference
Banned for trying to stop me interfering!
Banned for collecting downvotes.
Banned because you make it sound, as if that was bad.
Banned, because of course it's bad, for every rep point below zero, one day of your life expectancy will be subtracted.
Banned because, this rule applies only to me; other than something precious, i lost exactly 1 year out of my life, just like that.
Post edited June 23, 2019 by KiNgBrAdLeY7
Banned for tangents...
Banned, because "tangents" reminds me of maths, and I never liked that.
Banned because the pencil is mightier than the pen.
banned because pencil dull too easily
Banned because not if you use the ones in which you can press on the eraser and it clicks more graphite out of the front.
Banned for not being familiar with a sharpener...
Banned for having a bad relationship with the advance of technology.
I'm banning you back to the stone age.