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Banned because you look exactly like THE, "Immortal Jellyfish" tm !
Banned because I have no ice cream to go with my jelly.
Banned for using ice cream and jelly together.
Banned for being a rebel.
Banned for taking a wrong turn at Albuquerque.
^Banned for making me say that word in the voice of Bugs Bunny.
Banned for being a closet rabbit.
Banned for bringing in here a true stinker (dog)! Oof, the smell...
Banned for not sniffing my butt.
Banned for having an ass which smells like an ass.
Banned for cheating; wearing that mask so you can't smell ass smells.
^touche. Banned for calling my bluff
Banned because your bluff reeks of cabbage.
^Banned for not having Max in the picture. (I don't know it's so small, i think your avatar is Sam from Sam and max)
Banned for passing gas in the elevator and coming fully prepared to do so.