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Banned for allowing himself to be Ninja'd by a machine that has had numerous revisions.
Banned for being a liberator. Some people need to be restrained.
Banned for restrain people liberty in the name of the securiry.
Banned because this here is America and everybody's free already.
*freedom rings*
Banned because wherever I turn, I bump into you.
Banned for bumping into me so many times. All those collisions are starting to leave a nasty brui-
Banned because I have your wallet.
Banned for theft.
Banned because team rocket has already disbanded and you have yet to get word.
Banned for taking a photograph of your cat without first getting signed and notarized consent.
Banned because my cat asked me to turn him into a cute avatar!
^Banned, because the cat actually asked you for a glass of advocaat.
Banned for hallucinating, cats can't speak.
Banned for being unable to hear cat-speech, and hearing that he clearly said "avocado".
Banned for drug abuse, only somebody tripping would be able to hear cats.