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Banned for not retracting your claws as well.
Banned for being a member of the X-Men.
^ banned because June said, "Ward, I think you were a little too hard on the Beaver last night."
Banned for watching the Charles Bronson special of the Andy Griffith show
Banned for linking it but still complaining about people watching.
Banned because entrapment is perfectly legal according to our banning constitution.

"You clicked on my link I told you not to visit? No forum posting for you"
Banned for simultaneously paraphrasing the Soup Nazi and a hypothetical constitution.
^ Banned because the Soup Nazi, together with the Garlic-bread Ustasha, signed off on the hypochondrical constitution.
Banned because I want to create a line of dictator themed desserts, starting with chocolate Mussolini.
^ banned for dictating that we all order some and eat every bite
Banned for biting people who order the wrong thing.
^ Banned for biting other people's thoughts & ideas
^ banned for not employing your biting wit with more frequency
^ banned for thinking I'm a vampire that's on the radio and that wavelength
Banned for interviewing a vampire who's trying to explain to you how much his life sucks and wanting it for yourself.