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Banned for giving a long name to the fear of long words.
Banned for not taking people with teuthiphobia seriously enough.
Banned for being afraid of your tooth.
^ banned forsooth, for being long in the tooth, deprived of your youth and unbearably uncouth
Banned for being stuck in a phone booth with Ruth.
Banned because when I was a kid I would stick around this phone booth near my house. It was broken. When people put money inside they would get frustrated at it not working and take off. I would then push the refund button and get whatever change they put in.
Post edited February 09, 2023 by J Lo
That's why I couldn't get my money back after returning to that phone booth. I was beaten by you! Banned!
Banned for returning to the scene of the crime and trying to retrieve the evidence--the money you left behind in the phone booth!
Banned for not interviewing the only eyewitness, Mr. Booth!
Banned because Mr. Booth is blind, so his eyes didn't witness anything.
Banned for seeing no evil.
Banned for being an evil seer.
Banned for offering me your account but refusing to give me the password.
Banned because the password is "password".
^ banned because the password is actually, "guess"