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^ banned for referring to them as "bugs" and not insects
Banned for eating my snacks in the fridge. I even put a note for everyone to know that it was mine!
banned for keeping bananas in the refrigerator.
Banned because those are not mine. They are J Lo's.
Banned for giving me crippling depression
Banned for crippling depressive people.
Banned for depressing crippled people.
Banned because I wanted to say that before, but didn't want to take the "Piece of sh*t" achievement. So congrats lol
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Banned, because somebody has to pick the low-hanging fruit. It's not gonna harvest itself.
Banned for tasking giraffes with picking low-hanging fruit.
Banned for spreading virtual lice. Get them off! Get them off! Arrgh!
Banned because that's easily remedied with virtual shampoo.
Banned for sexually gratifying tiny insects.

EDIT: Banned for interrupting me with your shampoo commercial.
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Banned because commercial advertising is the only way I can pay the bills.
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Banned for not considering Only Fans.