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Banned because you know what's healthier than knowing how to pull off those moves when someone is trying to put a bullet in your brainstem? Not getting trapped in that situation in the first place. And you do that by shooting at them from far away with your artillery before they could spot you first.
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Banned because do you know what's even healthier than that? Having Hooyaah constantly cast protective magic spells without even telling you!
^ banned for revealing that secret... now everyone that finds out will expect such preferential treatment
Banned for hogging the goods.
^ banned for referring to my painstaking, mad skills, as "the goods"
Banned for forgetting that he deals with actual goods as his daytime job.
Banned for thinking that's a good thing.
^ banned for thinking about his "goodies."
Banned because the opposite of goodies should be evilies. (Or baddies, but that exists already)
^ banned for being the first one to post in this thread on the fifth of October in the year two thousand and twenty two

EDIT: You certainly might have thought to make your post something a trifle more profound.
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Banned for being the second.
Banned for being Shrek the Third.
Banned because who let the dogs out? Who? I'm serious, who?
^ You should be banned, for not knowing that Hoo let the dogs out and that "Hoo" is my nickname.
Banned for letting the dogs out, then.