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^ banned for not knowing that every dog has his day
Banned for not even playing the best Tomb Raider game of all time i just gifted you.
Banned for not gifting it to me instead, even though I think I have all of them.

Vinry_.: Banned because the opposite of goodies should be evilies. (Or baddies, but that exists already)
Banned because the opposite of evilies is nobleies.
Banned for being unsure whether you have all the Tomb Raider games or not.
Banned because having the single best one should be the priority.
^ banned, because you are the single best one
Banned for being a suck up.
^ banned for not being thankful to ones who are deserving of such
Banned because HMA's thankful alright, he's just too shy.
^ banned for being idealistic to an extreme (but I admire you in a quaint sort of way, regardless of that fact)
Banned for flattering our tank commander. This is one of his tank crews speaking, as Commander Vinry said he didn't know how to respond to your ban.
^ banned for being a quaint acquaintance.
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Banned because I thank you for your response in the other thread, random answerer! :)
Banned for asking for a random answer. You could've just used instead. It's free, quick, and simple.
Banned for being a paid shill of other websites, namely