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Banned for promoting demonic toys that could go on a killing spree in our forum.
Banned for petting Komodo dragons in inappropriate places.
Banned for considering the zoo to be an inappropriate place.
Banned for inconsiderately appropriating a zoo.
Banned for inconspicuously appraising a zoo.
Banned for breeding with humans.
Banned for eating humans...why can't you be one of those dinosaurs eating only plants?
Banned for greenwashing dinosaurs.
banned for gaslighting forum posters
banned for hiding a fist inside your beard
Banned for hiding a beard under your avatar.
^ banned for remaining at the top of my list of forum posters for such an extended length of time
Banned for keeping a death list of forum users (and even complaining that he hasn't managed to kill InSaintMonoxide yet...such gall!).
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Banned for confusing a death list with a deadpool, and confusing -- with [url=]The Dead Pool.

EDIT: The stupid links didn't work for some reason. Not my fault. Fix the site.
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^ banned for posting incorrect links to Deadpool