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Banned because you're Little Nicky.
banned because of Stuart, Little.
^ banned for impersonating Patrick, Stuart
Banned for patting Stuart, Rick.
Banned for patting Mary Stuart's head.
^ banned for sleeping in Mary Stuart's bed
Banned for eating Marie Antoinette's cake.
Banned for eating a urinal cake.
^ banned for eating a fuzzy taco
Banned for banning the victim of food-poison instead of the poisoner! To lead by example, I ban the black mold that was on that taco. HMA, you'll need to stay out of the forum until the food-poisoning passes.
Banned because if you hadn't banned the person that was above you, I would've been able to read what was going on. But no, your latest ban has brought us to a new page.
Banned for judging a ban by its cover.
Banned for judging reaction videos by their laziness and badness.
Anybody who's reading at fewer than 50 posts-per-page is banned.
Anyone who's reading at more than 589304335864698630356 posts per page is banned.