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Banned for hanging an upside down heart from the back of your truck.
Banned, because you look the same from the front, from the back or from the sides.
Banned for shaming HMA for his narrow shoulders.
^ banned for not observing that HMA is a cylinder
Banned for confusing a cylinder with a sphere above a dome.
Banned because the Sandwich Police will be very confused when they come to your residence and see you living in a dome instead of a house.
^ banned for ordering an Effingham (Illinois) Sandwich (Mass.) with some Climax (Pennsylvania) mayo
^ banned for not ordering an Effingham (Illinois) Sandwich (Mass.) with some Climax (Pennsylvania) mayo in Intercourse (Pennsylvania) while watching a documentary about Wet Beaver Creek (Arizona).
Post edited September 17, 2021 by finkleroy
^ Banned, because you sound like someone working in the porn industry.
^ banned because you didn't cum by Cumby, Texas
Banned, because it's dirty-minded people like you who forced the villagers of (formerly) Fucking, Austria, to change the name of their village.
^ banned, because a "dirty mind" need not be "brainwashed"
Banned for tossing your brain into a dishwasher.
Banned for not reminding Maenmeldir to get his brain back when it's finally cleaned.
Banned, because Maenmeldir has been a fairly disruptive member lately. He should get a time-out, so let's keep his brain locked away for a year or so.