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^ banned for giving a high German a buzz

HeresMyAccount: ^ Banned because so do you. Middle English is actually an entirely different language and sounds more like German.
^ banned, because I was posting Early Modern English and Old English was more like German.
^ Banned for thinking German is an actual language. This is clearly just a slanderous myth spread by the french.
banned for not knowing that german language exists and was invented by rammstein
Banned for not preferring Destruction.
Post edited September 14, 2021 by HeresMyAccount
Banned for deconstructing Destruction.
^ Banned for not destructing your objects even when no garbage collector is available.
^ banned for not making sculptures of InSaintMonoxide's garbage, have you no talent, sir?
Banned for shaming me for a lack of depth perception and hands, though somehow I can still type.
Banned for improving your typing speed on typeracer.
Banned because I think the movie Speed Racer is actually good.
^ banned for not predicting that Spridle and Chim Chim would be in the trunk
Banned because they didn't pay me enough to do something about it even if I did notice.
Banned, because you don't pay enough for those who pull your artillery.
Banned because normal currency doesn't work in the battlefield. The only future compensation everyone receives for the favors they've done in the past is loyalty.
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Banned because i herefore accuse you of the assassination of Vingry!