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Banned for being Jonathan Davis' son. Which makes you a child of Korn.
banned because you placed yourself in the queue
Banned for eating an invisible hotdog.
Post edited June 11, 2021 by borisburke
banned for throwing the dog out the window

a bone
Banned for doing *other things* with the hotdog (illegal in some states).
^ Banned for using dirty H words, such as helicopter and hotdog.
Banned for having too few bits.
banned for taking too many bytes
Banned because there is no "mark all forums read" here.
Banned for wanting to claim that you have read things that you actually haven't read.
Banned for being unrealistic.
banned for not being photo-realistic
Banned for not being anatomically realistic.
banned for having an excessively large bust.
Banned, because there is nothing wrong with having an excessively large bust. Particularly if it's polygonal and you're a royal british rich woman with dead parents who steals ancient artifacts.