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^ banned because on Christmas Eve next, you shall be visited by three Freemason Ghosts, expect the first at midnight.
Banned for ghosting the ghosts.
banned for hosting the hosts
banned for hosting the ghost with the most and posting a boast
Banned because timing would suggest I signed up for free Fallout games but completely forgot about it until around 18 months later.
Banned, because I didn't like Fallout 2, and if you just joined so you could get it, there's something wrong with your taste in games.
Banned for obvious trolling.
Banned because I think Chris Avellone's writing is mostly "cringe" and derivative.
Banned, because that is a heretical statement. I don't know what bits of Fallout 2 Avellone was responsible for, but he's redeemed himself with his other work. He does write pretty verbose dialogues though.
Banned because we certainly don't need mo' Rolf.
Banned, because actually it would be good if I could be cloned, so there could be a dozen Morolfs writing comments on this site and elevating the level of discussion to new heights.
banned for posting such a worrisome thought, as one Morolf is quite sufficient
Banned for condoning sufficiency.
Banned for insinuating efficiency.
Banned because my shorts are around my ankles and I'm doing the helicopter woooooooooooooooo!