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Banned for watching music videos with Beavis and Butthead.
Banned, because you nailed that one so close to home as to arouse suspicion
Banned for arousing.
Banned, for suspicion
Banned for paranoia.
Banned, because one can never be too suspicious, there are conspiracies everywhere.
Banned for not being more specific.
Banned for asking me for specifics, you're supposed to be the expert on conspiracies.
Banned for conspiring to get more information.
Banned because Morolf made that post alone, therefore it's not a conspiracy.
Banned because a conspiracy doesn't need to involve more than one person.
Banned for contradicting the literal definition of "conspiracy".
Banned for being too trusting, "morolf" could be a cover identity for multiple people...or beings.
Speaking of are being banned.
Banned, because "tavern wench" sounds quite disreputable.