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Banned, because photons must have mass, otherwise there couldn't be photon torpedoes.
Banned because I prefer photon lasers, which would include all lasers.
Banned because ballistic weapons are more macho than your puny bew bew shooty things.
Banned because your clunky and obsolete ballistics can be (and literally are, in real life) shot down with lasers mid-flight.
Banned because we are all dead anyhow.
Banned, because we don't want any undead here, go back to your coffin.
Banned for being rude to Dracula.
StarChan: Banned for not knowing that gravitational lensing is due to the curvature of space, with light following an optical path described by that curvature, and therefore independent of any hypothetical minimum mass of the photon.
MichaelD.965: Banned for not knowing that curving space only happens BECAUSE of gravity wells, which light would ignore if it had no mass.

I ban Morolf because nerds ARE the cool kids.

I ban Hooyaah because he's the last to post.
Banned for confusing science fact with science faith.
jsidhu762: Banned for being rude to Dracula.
Banned for being nude with Dracula.
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Banned for dragging the name of a perfectly reputable vampire through the mud.
Banned for the love of flying spaghetti monster.
^ Banned, for not eating your spaghetti with only one hand and a fork
^ Banned for a rude quote under his name. Just whose end do you want to see anyway?
Banned because its the beginning of the end...of bans.
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low rated
(Note: Link is sfw yt music video)
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Banned for posting a SFW video when all the morally righteous peeps are posting defense for the sexy children movie.