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low rated
Banned for making me throw up a bit in my mouth
Banned because Netflix will probably go bankrupt before 2022.
Banned because I'm eager to see what life is like in the year 2222.
Banned for not predicting that you'll have two girlfriends in 2222, but each of your girlfriends also has two boyfriends. You'll struggle to hide your relationships with those two girlfriends from your two wives.
Banned for not taking into account the fact that jsidhu762 is a normal human being, and therefore is not expected to live that long.
Banned, for alleging that Jsidhu762 is a "normal Human being"
Banned for insinuating without proof, that Jsidhu762 might be a vampire, werewolf or some other kind of monster.
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Banned for being a Komodo dragon.
Banned, because that is just half the truth.
Banned for trying to spill the secrets of the Dragonmen. You can't stop our plans!
Banned because nothing's impossible.
Banned for rubbing it in.
Banned for not helping by adding isopropanol .
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Banned because SPAM already has enough isopropanol in it already.
Banned for mistaking isopropyl for ethanol.