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Banned for being jealous of le_chevalier's mount. Or perhaps the long, sharp, pointy object.
Post edited August 01, 2020 by Vingry
Banned for being jealous of Gandalf's mount, Shadowfax.
Banned for painting stripes on your tail.
Banned, for painting stripes on the road to misdirect traffic
Banned because that sounds like a fun prank.
Banned for shooting a flying squirrel and laughing.
Banned because if the punishment of banning is too harsh, people will remember the punishment and not the crime.
Banned, for attending a furry convention wearing a racoon costume
Banned, for attending a wizard convention wearing a Gandalf costume.
Banned for going to the renaissance fair in a knight costume.
Banned because Skylath must have meant "Do Every Violent Objective".
Banned and canned, because that, in no way, is Jsidhu762's fault
Banned for canning GOGer meat. GOGer meat should be consumed fresh, not preserved.
Banned for cannibalism.
Banned for starving stranded people.