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Banned, because you otter know wetter or not Canada dry is
I ban all references to water and wetness, and Hooyaah to make an example of him.
Banned because I'll spray you with a hose until you fall into a lake during a rainstorm and it gets covered by a glacier.
Banned for being bland.
Banned for reminding me of that time I retrieved a small cup of dip from the fridge and Mom asked, "Is it hot?" I said, "It's...from the fridge, of course not!" From that point, I 100% refuse to use the word "hot" to refer to spicy things.
Banned for talking about spicy mamas.
I ban you for not banning me for my weird habit of telling barely relevant stories.
Banned because all stories are relevant to someone. Just not me.
Banned, for reverence regarding referencing the rational relevance of respective realities
Banned because stop! STOP! STOP STOP STOOOOOOOP!!!
(I stopped a few times)
Banned, for overstepping by over-stopping
*scratches my head furiously* Stoooooooop!!! Banneeeeeeeed!!!
Banned, because you really need to use armor-piercing weapons to scratch your helmeted head. That's the real downside being heavily armored. That's when the covered parts become itchy.
Banned for making this thread inactive for approximately 4 hours.