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Banned because cultivated mushrooms are perfectly healthy and their seeds chosen carefully, from specific species, certainly edible; plus, whenever properly prepared, they are more delicious than meat, minus fat and dioxines.

One of the tastiest stuff to eat, the world all around! Just try Lentinula Edodes and thank me later!
KiNgBrAdLeY7: One of the tastiest stuff to eat
Banned for being right about mushrooms.
Banned because mushrooms are HORRIBLE, and KB, they don't have seeds - they have spores, and that's one of the defining factors of fungus. So I don't know what the hell you were actually eating.
Banned because, spores are seeds; somewhat!
Banned for discussing delicious mushrooms. Chanterelles and morels might be the tastiest things in existence.
Banned for bringing the above posters into the light and out of the excrement in which they were dwelling
Banned for wanting to keep people in an environment where they are neck deep in S***.
Banned for not knowing that you may take people out of darkness and squalor and they will often wish to return.
Banned because this sounds like a script from the final season of the GOOD PLACE.
Banned because those were my own words and any similarities to some script is merely coincidental.
Banned for issuing a disclaimer
Banned for posting a disclaimer.

EDIT: banned for not only interrupting me, but saying the same damn thing!
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Banned because of déjà vu.
Banned for vuja de, the sense that you've never said something like that before, but maybe will be some day.
Banned for jamais vu.