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Banned for being upside down
Banned because for reminding me of that time I stayed up late trying to beat Earthbound when I was a kid.
Post edited June 26, 2019 by NessAndSonic
Banned for kidding yourself about being bound to Earth.
Banned to outer space because Earth's gravitational force is not a joke.
Banned for giving out free rides to leave Earth
Banned for giving out free mustache rides here on Earth.
Banned because beard > mustache.
Banned because Groot and Dracula don't mix.
Banned because neither do Ness and Sonic.
Banned for running away with Sonia Ness.
Banned for swimming with Loch Ness.
Banned for saying something like "For tonight I sleep with a bed of nails."
Banned for tricking your house guests in to sleeping in an iron maiden.
Banned because I wanted to ban le_chevalier. No, that's not right.. I NEEDED..
Banned for jonesing for some banning, but not going to rehab for it.